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Accept Credit Cards Online for Hotel Reservations
using our Online Reservation Software for just $19.50/mo. when pre-paid annually*

SecureServices.cc specializes in providing a way for smaller hotels to securely accept credit cards online for reservations via our reservation service -- either by a link on your web site, or, if you don't have a web site we provide you with a link that you can give to your regular clients or put on your business card.  Our software enables you to capture and handle the online reservations locally, including processing the provided credit card information on your local equipment. (See Costs page for details.)


Our secure SSL servers process the reservation request then sends you an e-mail informing you of it.  After you securely log in to retrieve the reservation's data, you process that request locally using our provided software.  If you are able to confirm the reservation for the requested room(s) and dates, the system sends an e-mail that confirms the reservation.  If not, system sends e-mail advising what IS available.  Smooth, fast, and efficient!

Our hotel booking software package includes automatic e-mail reservation confirmation replies to clients and printing of reservation page for the hotel's front desk as part of this online hotel reservation software.  Also included in our system are online hotel room rates that can be updated at will by the hotel administrator for an up-to-date hotel booking system, and handles room discounts that you can apply to each reservation.  And, our online reservation pages are iPhone friendly -- not clogged with images that slow down your clients when they want to make a reservation at your hotel.

Our solution is ideal for small to medium size hotels looking for an efficient, yet low-cost hotel reservation system.  Because our system uses the credit card processing equipment you already have and use every day, no complicated programming of web interfaces is required.  Setup is completed by you in 15 minutes.  And, our online reservation system handles up to three rate schedules with rates based either on time periods during the year or on days of week, and optionally, up to 20 holidays that you specify.  Up to 9 different room types can be offered.  It also handles reservation input in two languages -- English and your choice of second language if needed.  And, our provided software solution allows you to add manual records for your phoned-in reservation requests and walk-in clients too -- one database solution for all your reservations!  Also, easy export of reservation data for import into other hotel management software systems.

Fixed Monthly Cost:  $19.50
(Pre-paid Annually)

SecureServices.cc provides online transactions to accept credit cards in a secure environment protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.  Online transactions are handled by our secure server with web address of secure.secureservices.cc in the HTTPS environment, accessible only from dynamically generated web pages.

We do not provide credit card merchant accounts.  Hotel clients must already have their own merchant account for local processing of the online transactions we send them from our https servers.  That's why our system is so easy to set up!  Additionally, our clients must have their own web site upon which we provide and serve the "Make Your Reservation" button.  IF YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR OWN WEB SITE, WE CAN BUILD A BASIC 2-PAGE SITE FOR YOU FOR JUST $549 -- includes 10-year domain registration and 3 years of hosting!  (See details at bottom of page.)

Or, if no web site, we'll just provide a web link for you to give to your clients to make online reservations.

How you receive your reservations:

Notification of each received online reservation is sent via e-mail to hotel.  (No information about the reservation is included in this notification e-mail, just a short note saying that a reservation has been received.)  To retrieve the reservation, the hotel logs in to our secure server to download the actual reservation in encrypted format via a SSL connection.  The encrypted information -- encrypted with unique keys for each hotel -- is input locally to the hotel reservation software solution we provide where it is decrypted with matching keys unique to that hotel.  If the keys match, a new record is made for each online reservation received.  Hotel then transacts credit card charges locally from printed or viewed output of the runtime*** database software solution we provide free to our clients.

What we do:

• Host an SSL Secure Server that accepts reservations for your hotel.  It is accessed by having a link on YOUR web site to our site (i.e. the "Make Your
      Reservation" button shown above, or if you have no web site, your clients use a web link that we provide to you.
• After notifying you of the received reservation, you retrieve the reservation's data from our server for input to the runtime database we provide you with.  This
      database stores all your online reservations as well as phoned in or walk in reservations you input manually. You confirm the availability of the room
      requested by sending an automated Reservation Confirmation e-mail by merely clicking a button.
• A page is printed for your front desk describing the reservation so when client arrives you have all his information available.

What we don't do:

• We do not process credit cards nor offer Merchant Accounts.  You must have your own Merchant Account and credit card terminal to process the online
      reservations we receive for you with credit card numbers (i.e. Guaranteed Reservations).  If you need a Merchant Account or want a Virtual Terminal
      (e.g. Authorize.net) to process credit cards, contact us and we can direct you to the best and lowest cost processors.
• We do not provide you with marketing of your hotel or web site.  Other companies that do this charge you mega bucks for something you can do youself with
      careful design of your web site and listings in the search engines.  Additionally, your best advertising is by running a clean and efficient hotel so your clients
      want to stay with you AGAIN on their next trip through your town.  By handing out a business card to checkouts with this at bottom: "Make your next reservation
      online at www....." (your web site's URL) or the link we provide to hotels with no web site, you'll build loyal customers who return regularly.
• The runtime database we provide you with for running on your local computer keeps track of reservations received.  It does not manage your hotel, nor keeps
      track of room usages or availability.  Nor is it a billing system even though it does show you by day what room rate to charge.

System requirements

A PC computer (Pentium 300MHz or higher running Windows 2000, XP, or higher), or a Macintosh computer (G3, G4, G5, or Intel running Mac OS X 10.2.8, 10.3.2 or later including all version of 10.4 and higher), with an internet connection (DSL, Cable, or dial-up modem) and an e-mail client program (e.g. Outlook Express, Eudora, Apple Mail) to send your Reservation Confirmations to client.

Note:  A high-speed internet connection is not essential since you will be receiving and sending only text based e-mails and logging into our SSL encrypted web mail server with a browser that supports a minimum of 128-bit encryption to copy text data on a regular basis.

Each hotel is responsible for maintaining tight security on the computer used to host our runtime database, keeping it free of viruses, spyware, and any other intrusions.


*  See detailed cost information on the Costs page. There is a $50 non-refundable setup charge, and 12-months is charged when your application is approved ($234 which pre-pays for next 12 months of service);  thereafter, the yearly $234 ($19.50 / month) fee is charged at the beginning of each anniversary.


Need a web site for your hotel, bed & breakfast, or motel?

If you do not currently have a web site for your hotel, we can set up a basic 2-page web site for $549 which INCLUDES:
          • DOMAIN REGISTRATION FOR 10 YEARS -- ownership remains with hotel.
          • 3 YEARS OF PREPAID HOSTING by GoDaddy.com (after 36 months, you'll renew 3-yr contract with GoDaddy directly at going rates -- about $8/mo.)
You can see a typical 2-page web site that we build for hotels by clicking here:   www.secureservices.cc/ssvcs_sanquintin_demo/   (this is site in example above)

Or, if you want just a basic 1-page web site for accepting reservations, we can set up for $75 and host it for an additional $5.50/mo.  You will still need to set up a domain name -- registration is about $8 - $15 per year -- that is then hosted on our servers.

Note:  Spanish pages are not included in this offer, but if you provide the translations for text on your pages, we will include for a +$30 charge.
            Our reservation system is already capable of accepting reservations in Spanish.  Links to "Make Your Reservation" from English pages
            go to reservation system in English, and similar links ("Hacer una Reservación") from Spanish pages go to reservation system in Spanish.

Don't want a web site but want to take online reservations?

If you do not currently have a web site for your hotel, we will provide you with a web link that you can give your clients to make online reservations.  No extra cost for this option and it works exactly the same as if they clicked a "Make Your Reservation" button on your web site.  You can then add this link to your business card and give to each client when they check out so they can make a future reservations with the convenience of being able to make them online from anywhere at anytime.

***Runtime solutions run by themselves without need for any other software.  Our runtime FileMaker® solution provides you with a free database -- for either Macintosh or PC platforms -- that is designed & configured specifically for your hotel.  You do not need to purchase any other software to use our solution.

If you would like information on how SecureServices.cc can handle your needs for secure online transactions, contact us by clicking the Contact Us link below.  We will e-mail you a package showing how to gather your information to then go online and submit your application along with all your pertinent information for your hotel's online reservation system.  If you already have a web site, you can be accepting reservations within 5 days of the acceptance of your application.  Note:  You will be asked to provide proof of having a merchant account for accepting credit cards.

SecureServices.cc Terms of Use

SecureServices.cc liability is limited to providing its client hotels (hotels, B&B's, motels, etc.) with the secure acceptance and transfer of credit card and personal information from our servers to its client hotels.  Once this information is transfered to our client hotels, we have no further involvement nor liability in how this information will be used or protected from misuse by said client hotels.  Additionally, SecureServices.cc makes no claims as to the suitability, safety, or condition of said client hotels.


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